Monday, October 17, 2016


Some time ago, my wife and I completely distanced ourselves from the circles of churches and ministries, who are teaching and conducting unbiblical doctrines and practices. Here is a list of what we are talking about:    

·      The obligation of tithing to be blessed or be member of the church.
·      The sowing of money seeds in exchange for financial breakthrough or healing.
·      The getting rich Prosperity Gospel.
·      The name-it-and-claim-it teachings.
·      Pastors begging for money and living in wealth and luxury at the expense of the church.
·      The giving of special high-level leadership callings and titles like presidential seals and mantels.
·      The following of Jewish laws with the blowing of shofars and the waving of flags and touching of banners to bring God’s presence and blessings.
·      The keeping of Sabbaths or other Jewish feast celebrations and commemorations as a requirement to please God and be blessed.
·      The year of Jubilee debt cancellation teachings.
·      The purposely-crafted around-the-corner financial breakthrough prophesies.
·      Teachings on how to get into alignment with God in order to receive money blessings, healing, and spouses.
·      Revelations and teachings about the crashing of Wall Street and the world economy, like the Shemitah and Blood Moon that is supposed to signal the end of the world.
·      The New Apostolic Reformation with its Seven Mountain teachings, like being an apostle that has dominion in the marketplace.
·      The coming end-time Great Wealth Transfer for Christians.
·      Teachings on how to get supernaturally transferred or travel in the spirit from one place to another.
·      The charging for conferences, worship concerts, seminars, worship and prophetic schools.
·      The selling of books, CD’s, DVD’s, and food in the church for profit.
·      The you-can-only-be-married-one-time-to-be-in-the-ministry doctrine, and that once you are married the marriage is automatically blessed by God.
·      The teachings that God does not want you to suffer or to be poor.
·      Fire impartations and tunnels.
·      The worship of the anointing, miracles and the supernatural.
·      Supernatural manifestations of gold dust and feathers.
·      Smoke supposedly being the glory cloud.
·      Angel obsession.
·      Spiritual birthing.
·      Teachings on how to get drunk in the spirit.
·      Uncontrollable laughter, jerking, and shaking.
·      The laying on the graves of deceased ministers in order to soak up their anointing.
·      The going-to-Heaven-and-sit-on-the-Father’s-throne teachings and prophecies.
·      The Hyper Grace doctrine.
·      Motivational, and the Law of Attraction teachings.
·      Female pastors having authority over men and teaching them.
·      The adoration and elevation of pastors and worship leaders.
·      And finally, the teaching of cessationism – the belief that miracles and speaking in tongues have ceased to exist.  

The majority of the churches and prophetic gatherings are in actuality the Synagogues of Satan, where masses are being deceived and led astray!

We are supposed to be like the people of Berea, who searched the Scriptures day after day to see if what people were teaching was indeed the truth, and not like the Corinthian Church, where they happily put up with whatever anyone were telling them, even if they preached a different Jesus, or they had a different kind of Spirit, or taught a different kind of gospel. (See Acts 17:11, 2. Corinthians 11:4)