Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Book: "DIVORCE JEZEBEL - Remarry Christ Your Destiny"

In May of this year, 2015, Edwin Christiaan and his wife Sophia published a new book entitled: "DIVORCE JEZEBEL - Remarry Christ Your Destiny". The books are available in paperback and as e-book.
Please use the following links to have a look:

Paperback version

E-book (Kindle)

With astounding accuracy, Edwin Christiaan teaches brilliantly and accurately about the most dangerous agent of Hell, the Jezebel spirit, and shares his expertise in how to discover and defeat its destructive attacks.
Having been a victim himself of the most lethal weapon in the Devil’s arsenal, the notorious Jezebel spirit through a lifetime of encounters with this demonic spirit, the author pinpoints its nature and characteristics in a down to earth, easy to understand way, that empowers anyone who has ever been in a battle with Jezebel.
Every church Pastor, minister, and especially all men in general should read this book in order not to fall for the demonic schemes of the Jezebel spirit!
In this powerful book, you will find Biblical answers and all you need to know about how to handle this difficult issue – what to do and what not to do!
The Jezebel Spirit is to blame for the devastation and destruction of generations of lives all over the world! Protect yourself and your family from becoming its next casualty!

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